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    What do you want to discuss? Bleuwave Live Episode 1

    Bleuwave Live
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    Hi, everyone. This is J.J. Levenske from Bleuwave General Contracting. I wanted to do this video log for a long time, and only recently when I’ve partnered with a new marketing advisor, if you will, a contract and CMO that they finally convinced me to get off the standard blogging podcasts and all those kind of things and start documenting it by video.

    And at first I was apprehensive. So hopefully this will be the start of what we’re going to call Bleuwave Live where I and we as a team that bleu if can share really everything general contractor related that we feel it’s necessary to share with you.

    A lot of it’s going to come as feedback from clients that we’ve had clients that we currently have. Subcontractors, vendors, trade partners, all those kinds of things. Architects and engineers.

    There isn’t a day that goes by that I can’t think of something that we could share to make your lives easier. As someone interested in the construction process and procedure, it’s often joked about that construction is one of the few industries that hasn’t changed that much in a post-world war two paradigm, if you will, and hopefully, through this exercise, we waken become better as individuals and a company, and also maybe pay it forward to anyone willing to listen and watch what’s going on.

    So this officially is the launching of Bleuwave Live, and this will be the first episode. And we hope to get a lot of feedback on linked in and the other social media asking questions, or even maybe even timing in charming in excuse me on pm’s and dm’s as far as content they’d like us to discuss literally. Nothing is on or off the table.

    Prior to COVID, I had started some risk assessment things that I wanted to do with some, bond people, attorneys and things like that because it’s an issue within the construction space that I that I’ve seen and have grown increasingly concerned about that I feel that clients are paying too much for a bunch of risk that I think is double are over-engineered into everything anyway. So that’s just an example of one of the topics that I plan on approaching.

    So with that, kind of delay the context of it very open, very honest, very transparent.

    We’ll make millions of little mistakes and hopefully, that will further develop a dialogue and concern and back and forth within industry peers and those people that are interested in these topics.

    So we will do everything from preconstruction the construction process, host construction. There’s nothing off the table, and hopefully, there’s a ton of testimonials that will come in as we can, kind of parlay it and related to current projects, current transactions, current situations to make it real, instead of just talking hypothetically, we could talk about real-life events, and I don’t know, I’m really excited and as you can see, we’re excited to launch Bleuwave Live and keep it going in for the very near future. If there are any concerns, or if there any topics that someone has immediately that they’d like us to address, please do so, um, contact me via linked in and or through our company page, and I’ll be sure to get it on one of the more recent videos coming up.

    So with that, I’m gonna sign off for now just to grab your attention and we’ll pick it back up here very shortly.

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