Preconstruction Services offered by Bleuwave in Phoenix

Our experience and technology grants you insights and data to deliver the most value for your vision.

Bleuwave General Contractor’s repeat clients rely on our insight and customer advocacy beyond that provided by typical general contractors. We offer perspective at the earliest stages of construction regarding site selection, design and conception, and provide accurate budgeting information.

During preconstruction, we utilize key partners in the community to assist you in creating highly accurate and reliable cost models. Our preconstruction process is invaluable when making decisions about materials and equipment, construction schedules, and creating budgets.

You can walk away from any Bleuwave project with a detailed construction schedule that is realistic and reliable. A construction schedule that meets the needs of both equity owners and design teams. This is one-way Bleuwave saves you time, controls costs, and adds lifelong value to your project.

Advantages of Preconstruction:

  • Defined Clear Vision
  • Increase Buy-in
  • Avoid Re-work
  • Ensure Project is On-Budget

Industries Served

  • Public School and Charter School Construction

  • Office and Commercial Construction

  • Retail Construction

  • Industrial Construction

  • Restaurant Construction

  • Residential Construction

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