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    Heritage Academy Walk-through – Bleuwave Live Episode 6

    Bleuwave Live
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    Hey everyone, it’s JJ from bleuwave back on heritage academies job site. Thought I’d give you a, walk through and a tour today of some of the things that have been going on since the last time we did a video shot. So here we go.

    On the outside, all the eifs is basically done. I thought I’d zoom in on this. It’s kind of cool detail, the wainscoting it’s got this kind of metallic finish to it to make it look, kind of like stone, but yet without having all the extra costs. So it was a nice touch.

    And as you can see this soft, it’s all done and we just have to get this graded and then the concrete goes in. Here’s an updated shot of the gymnasium.

    Painting is done, and the athletic equipment is in. , the guys as you can look up there. What that is is that is the rail for the curtain system that divides the gym in half, and the guys they’re just finishing up.

    The lighting and some of the low voltage work up above the stage wall is now painted as well, and the flooring we’ll start next Monday and it’s all it’s been pre prepped, but it’ll be prepped one more time and then we’ll get going with that. So looking good in the gym really is nice to see all the athletic equipment in place and ready to go.

    Here’s the restroom for what we’re calling the referees and coaches and things like that. So we added a shower in here for them. Just, this is off the stage area so easily accessible to the gym.

    And as you can see, the guys, they’re just getting ready. To do all the blackout painting in the stage area, so this will be 100% black out.

    And then our partners at five words will come in and do all the theatrical finishing out of this space. So very nice from of performing arts standpoint.

    Corridor is basically ready for paint and see, it’s a nice clean job site. Nothing laying around leads to good safety practices and just generally nice area to work in.

    Here’s the band room or future band room, and again we’re just ready for paint, and then we will put be putting acoustical ceiling panels up on the exposed deck once that’s done, and then we can turn it over to the electrician’s to basically finish out the lighting.

    So getting close in the classrooms here’s an overall shot, just kind of wrapping up the outside. You can see that the mansard roof for the wraparound roof on top still is not done.

    That was, is all standing seam metal. So they’re showing up this week. They will put the underlayment, which is basically like a water barrier on that. And then the standing seam roofing will go on that they’ll also finish up all the coping that matches.

    You know, as far as the parapet tops right along these edges right here on what on the regular parapet walls that will receive the coping. Now that will be a gray color, while the standing seam will be a red color. So we’ll get capture those in another video when it’s all done. But, in essence, the outside other than the finished caulking and the roofing is basically done.

    There’s still some lights to be added, but everything else is kind of finished.

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