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    Lessons In Construction From 2020 – Bleuwave Live Episode 14

    Bleuwave Live
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    It’s jj levenske from bleuwave general contracting back for another episode of bleuwave live. I wanted to do a thank you message for everyone during the christmas and new year’s, but just didn’t get around to it. And actually I thought would be better, kind of post holidays to reach out to everyone and just thank everyone, especially our clients and our subcontractor and trade partner base for what was undoubtedly a crazy 2020. And, I know it looks goofy, but i’ve got my headphones on and, you know, kind of you can tell at my house, which is the new normal for having in office nowadays. So I thought, what the heck, I might as well record this video just like it is everyday headphones on, dressed semi casually, business casual, if you will, and and I think I did what four or five zoom or go to meetings today’s so ending the day with this video, a couple things going into 2021. First and foremost is just the excitement that i’ve already seen. Whether it’s subliminal or not is just the change in attitude of opportunity and looking for a new start based on the crazy 2020. The other thing, though, was looking at the relationships in 2020. And after all the stuff with covid and everything, seeing how we all came together to overcome our respective problems. So when I look at some of my best subcontractors and the relationships with them and our clients, it became non transactional. In other words, there was a lot more relationship based dialogue. How can we help each other and the end game is still the same. Our goals are still the same, so it’s nice to see that collaboration. And I hope that we can continue to do that more into the into the new year. The other thing. Over the holidays, I had some people reach out and asked (me) to do more. Bluewave live episodes on specific points, and I thought, well, before I put that into action, maybe I should reach out to the listening audience and see if there’s anything else that they that you or they want to hear about, because our network is deep and we can bring experts on in a number of things. Prior to covid, I had started that last year doing some , you know, video blog’s, if you will, to to address those issues and then it stopped because of covid and the social distancing. But if you’d like me to pick that up, just private message me and i’d be happy to get some some topics and items out there that could help you in either your business, your construction related questions and concerns or whatever I could do to help pay it forward so with that, here’s to a great 2021 for all of you and excited for bleuwave as we’ve got a bunch of things, they’re gonna be coming on board soon, and I can’t wait to share them with you both through bluewave live and our regular social media. So here’s to 2021 thank you for getting us through 2020!

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