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    Beyond General Contracting. Customer Focused Executives. Bleuwave Live Episode 2

    Bleuwave Live
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    Good morning, everyone. J.J. from Bleuwave here. This is episode two of Bleuwave Live and I realized last night after recording the first episode Bleuwave live doing the introduction that I really didn’t give a background of the company and where we’re at currently to kind of set the tone, I know we have a lot of podcast and blogger or blog followers, that know our story, but for the new people and people that want to get kinda on board with this platform thought to give a little background. So Bleuwave, in its grander scale, if you will, is almost five years old.

    We re-branded a few years ago from the way we started. So the way it all started was, under the moniker of school builder. At that time, it was kind of a trifecta where there was a front end capital development deal, which is very typical in the charter school space. Then you have the construction in the middle, the general contractor part, and at the end, there’s bond financing that was an element of the early stages of school building.

    We had a great run doing that. And then we realized that there were other markets that were demanding what we offered as a service. And so we switched the name to Bleuwave.

    General contracting. Bleuwave came from it comes from the book blue ocean strategy, and there’s a bunch of different explanations of what it means. But the quick elevator pitch is this, is imagine a client.

    If they can get three things for the price of two, are they going to pick you in that value proposition? And so that that’s kind of the easy explanation. So we always try to offer more than what’s monetized within our package, if you will, within a market rate that is sustainable. So in other words, if someone’s contacting us, thinking that we’re just the general contractor and they find that we can help them immensely on the front end, proforma thinking like a business person thinking financially thinking of r on I return on investment, then we kind of position ourselves as being a little bit better than maybe our the next general contractor that they’re talking to conversely works on the back end as well of talking to them of their asset class, their facility and looking at what’s the life cycle costs of that building that asset and seeing if that works into their long term performance of their business and things of that nature even goes deeper into human capital and some other things that when you’re letting the businesses long as I have started to get opinions and you see a lot of different successes and failures and other industries and you try to, translate that into other successful platforms for your constituents.

    So that kind of the current status and state of Bleuwave so the tagline I like to use most recently is when people say, well, describe your company in a very short sentence or explanation. I say, well, we have. You’re getting a big company, big industry experience in a boutique service and that makes us highly competitive that the one on one human interaction customer-facing executives.

    They know that there is. There’s one or two throats to choke, and so this litany and layers of an onion, if you will, within the corporate structure.

    So that, in essence, is that the Bluewave structure and I look forward to going into other videos as I described in our Bleuwave Live and, kick-off that now we’ll start diving into questions process procedures inherent within the construction and general contracting.

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